Contra Galleries is proud to welcome David Henry Nobody Jr.

Opening Reception
Thursday, January 31st 6-9pm. 

David Henry Brown Jr. is an Interventionist/immersionist performance artist and sculptor who works in diverse mediums, often placing his physical body into the work. Frequently riffing off of the dark side of American popular culture, he has been showing his work since the early 1990’s both in the art world and as a renegade underground figure and as a collaborator. During his many different artistic periods, his work often involves the creation of characters that perform and make objects. His work first became notorious when he Impersonated New York socialite Alex Vonfurstenberg crashing VIP parties for one whole year in 2000. Sixty photos document “Alex” meeting the Clintons, Puff Daddy and other luminaries. The project was shown as his first solo show at Roebling Hall gallery In new York and created an international news scandal in the Media, appearing in The New York Observer, The Globe and on ABC’s 20/20 with John Stossil, to name a few. His work has been collected in prominent private art collections.

The theme of the DIY Fantastic Nobody, the loser that acts like they are famous but who is not, drives David’s work deeper inside the images and social masks of an image obsessed culture. David predicted the Trump presidency in his 1999 Stalking Donald Trump performances, where he followed Trump for a year and even made Trump For President 2000 campaign posters and campaigned on his behalf, as a prescient social experiment.

With this point of view, David has gone on to continue to break new and experimental ground in his Red Carpet Rollers Project (collaboration with British artist Dominic McGill), Shopping Mall Portrait Series, Wax Museum Host project, post 9/11 Fashion series, Drawing series, Polaroid series, Pizza Infinity series, Banksy Impersonation series as well as an assortment of ongoing studio works/objects. 

David is a founding member of the Fantastic Nobodies, a renegade/outsider/performance art collective, which was a collaboration of four artists, 2003-2013. The Nobodies have shown internationally in Berlin and in New York most notably with Andrew Edlin Gallery and at WhiteBox. 

Follow David’s newest work, and most sensational/disturbing body of self-portraits on instagram @davidhenrynobodyjr -in which he has immersed himself in social media coining the name Resemblage to describe his creations. This large body work of work has garnered enormous press in the last year and has been featured on the BBC, VICE, The Huffington Post and HiFructose to name a few. This project currently carries a 67K+ following.