Contra Galleries is proud to welcome Zoe Schwartz: Color Channeling from November 29th through December 12th.

Opening Reception
Thursday, November 29th 6-9pm. 

The show will display a variety of works made in the past 8 months, highlighting the pieces in Zoe’s “color channeling” series. 

Zoe has always been fascinated with figurative work, specifically the human face. After painting for some time now, she has found an interest in breaking away from traditional portraiture and thinking in terms of expression through color, composition, and movement.  The works show a unique and modern take on the portrait. Seeing "double" or "triple,” distinguished by alternating color channels, provides a stimulating experience that allows the viewer's mind to wander throughout the entire piece, continually captivated by different features that ideally fuse together as a whole and essentially work in harmony with each other. 

Primarily working in oil paint, Zoe continues to explore her creativity by finding ways to further integrate color and movement to create portraits that break away from the ordinary and leave a lasting impact on our ability to look beyond the surface. 

Zoe Schwartz is a self-taught artist living and working in the East Village of New York City. She first picked up a brush when she was two years old, as her parents encouraged creativity. Drawing and painting became a significant part of Zoe's life and she continued to pursue art throughout her childhood and teenage years before enrolling at the University of New Hampshire and concentrating on a major in Civil Engineering. Before graduating, Schwartz moved to New York and found that the energy of the city inspired and imbued her with a sense of purpose, rekindling her artistic work. She found that living in Manhattan, immersed in the city's pulse, helped to shape her individuality as an artist. She continues to find inspiration in the vitality of the streets.