Museum quality archival prints

The Print Lab at Contra specializes in on-demand printing up to 44". Our prices are competitive and fair, and we pride ourselves on providing high quality deliverables for our customers using only the finest archival inks (won't fade for 100 years) and museum quality paper. Choose from a variety of paper types: matte, semi-matter, luster, gloss, and transparency (ask if you are interested in anything else!). Need prints for an exhibition? Giving a gift to a loved one? Need something to fill that empty spot on your wall? We got you.

Standard Paper (Matte, Gloss, Semi-Matte, Luster)Price
8" x 10"$12
11" x 14"$16
12" x 18"$24
16" x 20"$38
20" x 24"$54
20" x 30"$70
24" x 36"$90
30" x 40"$133
44" x 44"$205
Premium Rag Paper & Canvas (Moab, Hahnemuhle, Canvas)Price
8" x 10"$15
11" x 14"$20
12" x 18"$30
16" x 20"$48
20" x 24"$68
20" x 30"$88
24" x 36"$113
30" x 40"$166
44" x 44"$256

Image Capturing

Our images are captured utilizing our PhaseOne IQ250 medium format 50 million pixel camera insuring the highest quality prints. Your prints will reflect the same texture, feel, and beauty of your original work. Our in-house product specialist has over 12 years experience and has worked with many of the countries top artists as well as industry leading magazines and fashion brands. Approximately 6 works can be done in a half day and 12 in a full day depending on the size and difficulty of the pieces. 

  • Original size up to 4 x 5 ft: $150. Day rate $900, half-day $450
  • Can print up to 44" x 44" at 150 dpi. 
  • Multipart images are possible and will be charged for at $150 for the first and $75 for each subsequent section capable of delivering a final file of 300 dpi.
  • Proof print of each file is included.
  • All shots are color corrected to reflect 100% accurate reproduction of a calibration swatch.
  • Scan delivered via the internet or via client collection with USB thumb drive.
  • Day and half-day rates are available

High Res Scanning

Using the highest quality digital drum scanner, Brooklyn Lightroom offers the ability to scan 35mm & 120mm negatives, as well as 4x5 large format sheets. Each roll is scanned at 300dpi to 3000dpi resolution depending on your needs. BKLR also specializes in image reproduction services and using our high quality flatbed scanner, we can take your pieces and turn them into digital files.



Our friendly and professional staff are here to help you make the most of your artwork. For print information please contact us at:
(347) 766-2306