Maxwell N. Burnstein: Death of an Icon

October 12th - November 10th, 2017

Death of an Icon is a collaged commentary on the construct of celebrity culture and the result of fame on Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Confronting the rise in digital collage art with traditional analog techniques, Canadian artist Maxwell N. Burnstein’s handmade artworks have prompted international artist residencies to collaborations with leading publications. Using analog techniques, Burnstein deconstructs photographs into multi- dimensional artworks with an x-acto knife. The final handmade artworks are scanned into digital files to allow for multiple applications.

Brandon Sines: In Between Dreams

September 14th - September 30th, 2017

Contra Galleries is pleased to present a solo show of new works by Brandon Sines. "In Between Dreams” is a collection of recent work that is a declarative statement of his pursuit to push the language of representative painting. The opening reception will double as the official release of his premiere book Lips and Drips.

“In Between Dreams” is a collection of works that are raw, mysterious, and playful. Sines mixes Pop Art’s mass culture, Surrealism’s private associations, and inventive paint handling to create dreamlike environments. His mark-making ranges from experimental techniques to illustrative precision. Parts of the paintings are crystal clear, and other parts reach abstraction. This juxtaposition gives the imagery in his paintings the feeling of being recalled from memory.

Frank ape: over the rainbow

July 27 - September 9th, 2017

Contra Galleries is excited to present an exhibition of new works by Frank Ape, the iconic sasquatch character created by Brandon Sines.

 "Over The Rainbow” takes viewers on a magical adventure through the eyes of Frank. Sines uses the multi-roomed gallery to create dynamic environments in a wide range of media that enable viewers to experience the different ways Frank sees the world. This is the first major solo Frank exhibition in three years and will feature all new work. The opening night happening on July 27th may be the most powerful piece in the show. Visitors will be able to interact with several site-specific installations, meet the real life Frank, scoop new collectibles at the exclusive pop-up gift shop, and dance throughout the night to some of Frank’s favorite songs.


June 22nd - July 14th, 2017

Urban’s style is most influenced by Abstract Expressionism and Neo-Expressionism, where he is not interested in an accurate execution of his subjects, but rather in exploring the possibilities of abstraction. In his early years, Urban was interested in art and began to paint graffiti. However, his music career as a DJ began to flourish and his painting took a back seat. Musically, Urban’s DJ career has spanned over a decade but he was looking for a more creative outlet in life. In 2015, with advice from a close friend, Urban began to paint once again. Over the past years, Urban has completely immersed himself into his work and has exhibited his paintings in many solo shows.

clayton woodley: dreams to awaken

May 25th - June 9th, 2017

Clayton Woodley explores the world as a nomadic creator. His debut body of work “Dreams to Awaken” combines surreal-like landscapes from remote corners of the globe.

domingo zapata x daniel mazzone: dreams

May 3rd - May 22nd, 2017

Daniel Mazzone was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. As part of an artistic family, he was surrounded by a world of visual concepts and expression. His mother was an art instructor, and Mazzone became particularly interested in the composition and production of stained glass at a young age. During his school days, teachers and fellow students alike saw his inherent artistic ability and potential. The youthful exploration of his artistic talents were pushed aside when he became homeless at the age of 15. Once Mazzone got back on his feet a few years later, he pushed himself to explore his true passions again.

Named an "artist to watch," in 2011 by the prestigious Whitewall Magazine, Zapata has quickly fulfilled this prophesy. Since, his work has lauded praise from international press such as The New York Times (cover story, Thursday Styles April 25, 2013), Esquire Spain, Vanity Fair Italia, and The New York Observer. Recently, The New York Magazine deemed him, "in a league of his own," while the New York Post proclaimed Zapata to be the "new Andy Warhol, with starlets begging for a sitting."