Image Capture


We want you to feel confident in your prints which is why our trained staff uses only the finest 40 Megapixel DSLR camera to generate unparalleled quality, texture, and visual feel. Approximately 6 works can be done in a half day and 12 in a full day depending on the size and difficulty of the pieces. Our team is happy to work with you to give an honest and appropriate quote. 

  • - Original size up to 4 x 5 ft: $150. Day rate $1000, half-day $500
  • - 1-1 at 300 dpi will give an image size of 28" x 18". While print size and dpi will remain the same the ratio of the original to reproduction will reduce as the original size increases.
  • - Multipart images are possible and will be charged for at $150 for the first and $75 for each subsequent section capable of delivering a final file of up to 300 dpi at 1-1 for a larger work.
  • - Proof print of each file is included.
  • - All shots are color corrected to reflect 100% accurate reproduction of a calibration swatch.
  • - Delivered tagged with the Adobe RGB 1998 color profile.
  • - Scan delivered via the internet or via client collection with USB thumb drive.
  • - Minimum turnaround: 2-3 days. Same day turnaround is not possible
  • - Day and half-day rates are available


Additional services which may incur costs;

  • - Retouching work to remove backgrounds and maintain the natural edges of aa artwork.
  • - Retouching work to alter the content remove defects of the work.


We will require your artwork to be kept here until the work of color matching and proofing is complete.