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Hector Guillen and Agata Surma
8 x 10" Acrylic and oil on canvas
Part of the exhibition Unweaving The Spectrum

Artist Bio

COLLABORATIVE ART BY AGATA SURMA AND HECTOR GUILLEN Agata Surma and Hector Guillen met in Panama City, Panama in 2010, and almost immediately embarked on a collaborative artistic adventure, which over the years earned a name: Another Dimension Project. Born and raised in Panama, Hector, is not only a talented painter, but also an amazing drummer, and a double world champion of Thai boxing Muay Thai. Music and martial arts have been instrumental in carving his path as a visual artist. His musical projects take him throughout national festivals every year, his artwork is circling the globe, and his vivid imagination always pushes him to find new ways of expressing himself. Trained in Arts and Graphic Design, Hector has a unique ability to transform art into artistic design pieces. Agata is a Polish born visual and performing artist living and working in Panama. She grew up in an artistic family and expressed herself through arts since she was a little girl. Nevertheless, her biggest concern was saving the world, therefore she studied Art along her International Development degree, and later worked on urban poverty and conflicts around natural resources in Africa. Living in developing countries around the world has greatly inspired In 2010, she moved to Panama and started an arts against violence community development project with Guna Indians. She held numerous exhibitions of her paintings in Panama, France and the US. Both artists have donated their works to multiple charity events in Panama, most notable being the 2013 and 2014 Fundacion Parquearte auctions to raise funds for environmental education. They have also painted a dress for a cause. Invited by a Spanish fashion designer, Manuel Fernandez, and along with other contemporary artists, such as Andriy Halashyn or Gabriela Batista, they created a unique fashion piece that is now traveling the world raising money for cultural awareness. They are currently running a project, promoting emerging artists and facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration. In January 2014, Hector and Agata were invited by a famous boutique hotel in Panama City to turn their newly acquired vehicle into a work of art. The goal was to create a unique design that would cover the entire SSangYong Korando SUV, converting it into a mobile canvas. According to the NYC based the hotel's art curator the project was a steaming success, and the car is now zooming freely around town. Recently, Hector and Agata have been collaborating on a body of work that explores experiences between individually embodied life, mythological divinity and our connection to the infinite. They create visions of our human selves that emphasize the most admirable aspects of our being that bring together eastern and western traditions, Their two major series are the Yoga/Meditation Series and the Animal Series, both inspired by Greek mythology, the indigenous cultures of the rain forest, shamanism, and ayahuaska visions. They are currently in Los Angeles, invited by the Spanish government and BOTART to transfigure a wine barrel artifact into a unique piece of art to be presented along with their artwork at the Westedge Art and Design Fair in Santa Monica.

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