Maxwell N. Burnstein

Katharine Ross

Maxwell N. Burnstein

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Katharine Ross

Katherine Ross
Maxwell N. Burnstein, 2017
8.5 x 11" Collage in black wood frame.
Part of the exhibition Maxwell N. Burnstein: Death of an Icon

Artist Bio

Canadian artist Maxwell N. Burnstein’s handmade artworks confront the rise in digital collage art with traditional analog techniques. Exploring the collage art form throughout his youth, having no formal training in mixed media arts, Burnstein came to establish a style in the last year of his undergraduate.“I have continually refined my technique and pushed my abilities, working on more complicated compositions and stretching the scale of my exhibit works” said the artist. Burnstein’s dedicated artistic path in Canada has resulted in an elevated status overseas, acting to champion Canada’s fashion industries and global brands abroad. He has done this through the development of exhibitions for the W Hotels and Resorts worldwide, covers for Elle Magazine Mexico to Croatia, collaborations with Harper’s Bazaar, Dolce and Gabanna and Gucci, to name a few.

Collection Description

Death of an Icon is a collaged commentary on the construct of celebrity culture and the result of fame on Hollywood, Los Angeles. Artist Maxwell N. Burnstein collages icons of the silver screen against landscape photography of eroding Los Angeles to disrupt the illusions of fame. Celebrities of Old Hollywood (1920-1960) projected a glamour and lifestyle that has transcended into the digital era. Nostalgic for their representation on screen, the studios that managed careers maintained public images that are still held in popular culture. Resident photographer Jason Barbagelott captures the pollution, poverty and resulting lifestyle many LA natives face, to be collaged against the idea of Hollywood cast on screens. The resulting artworks disrupt the traditional celebrity portrait, confronting the golden era with the eminent death of the city which captured their essence.

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